Knowledge-Based Companies Active in Nanotechnology Field Won Top Titles

Date : 2012-04-29

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TEHRAN- A number of knowledge-based companies that have been accepted in Tech-Market Services Corridor won the top titles in the 5th Ceremony to mark the 'End of the Growth Period' and to award companies active in 'Growth Centres and Science and Technology Parks in Isfahan Province'.

According to the report of the Public Relations of Tech-Market Services Corridor، the knowledge-based company «Nano Vahed Sana» t Persia» acquired the top title for having the highest number of commercialized technologies in this ceremony، while «Fadak Novel Technologies Complex» obtained the top title for selling technical know-how and for attracting investors. In addition، the knowledge-based company «Nano Vahed Sana» t Persia» gained the first rank among the companies whose establishment in Isfahan Growth Centres are less than one year.

There is a special section for knowledge-based companies that are located in growth centres in the supportive system and admission and commission process of Tech-Market Services Corridor. After the confirmation of the relation between their claimed technologies and nanotechnology، these companies are introduced to various stations of Tech-Market Services Corridor in order to receive technology development and commercialization services according to their position in the commercialization process.