Tech-Market Services Corridor Establishes Legal Consultation Office

Date : 2012-04-30

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TEHRAN- A Legal Consultation Desk was established in Tech-Market Services Corridor in a bid to provide legal consultation and educate knowledge-based companies.

According to the report of the Public Relations of Tech-Market Services Corridor، knowledge-based companies can fulfil a part of their legal needs by receiving legal consultations from the Legal Consultation Desk.

The legal consultant of Tech-Market Services Corridor will provide the following services،

Issues and problems related to company registration (registration process، changing the constitution، signature owners and...) ;
Issues related to the commerce rights (including commercial deals، various types of deals، and commercial documents) ;
Issues and regulations related to work rights، insurance، and taxation;
Issues and regulations related to intellectual property.

The abovementioned services are a part of services that have been predicted to be provided by the Legal Station of Tech-Market Services Corridor. The knowledge-based companies that have been admitted by Tech-Market Services Corridor can benefit from the consultative services free through coordination with their supporter.