Tech-Market Services Corridor Presents New Services in Management, Fault-Finding Consultation

Date : 2012-04-30

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TEHRAN- Tech-Market Services Corridor signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with a consultant to provide the knowledge-based companies active in the field of nanotechnology with management and fault-finding consultation packages.

The service is being presented to identify managerial needs of knowledge-based companies active in the field of nanotechnology and to create the fields required for management consultation.

According to the report of the Public Relations of Tech-Market Services Corridor، the services are provided by a consultant that has been confirmed by the Corridor. The services include various issues such as investigation and clarification of faults in the applicant companies and the provision of long-term consultations in order to basically solve the managerial faults in knowledge-based companies.

Emergence of managerial faults in the organisation or structure of the knowledge-based companies is one of the most important reasons for the lack of success in the commercialization of advanced technologies.

Managerial structure of the companies are affected by such faults to the extent that the managerial mechanism of the companies have less opportunity for fault finding، prevention، identification، and solving the problems. Therefore، the only solution is to put in charge agents that possess the required skills in management consultation out of the company» s structure to carry out the fault-finding process.