Tech-Market Services Corridor Covers Part of Accounting Expenses of Knowledge- Based Companies

Date : 2012-05-06

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TEHRAN- The Tech-Market Services Corridor covers a part of accounting expenses and provides accounting services for the knowledge-based companies active in the field of nanotechnology to help them with financial issues.

According to the report of Public Relations of Tech-Market Services Corridor, the Corridor provides its services for the knowledge-based companies active in the field of nanotechnology by identifying and signing Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) with agents that provide accounting and financial standard services.
According to the report, the knowledge-based companies can receive a part of accounting and financial services expenses from Tech-Market Services Corridor by using the services provided by the agent.

  • Topics predicted in this plan are as follows:
  •  Classification of accounting documents;
  • Issuing accounting documents in financial software;
  • Completion of tax declarations (including three-month declarations of value added tax and annual turnover declaration);
  • Writing the legal log of the company (including daily log and general log;
  •  Answering agents of Tax Affairs Organisation;
  • Completion of the list of monthly insurance of employees according to the regulations of Social Welfare Organisation;
  • Completion of the monthly list of the employees’ taxes according to the regulations of Tax Affairs Organisation;
  • Provision of the required consultations to managers in the field of finance, tax, and insurance.

The lack of the presence of clear and standard financial reports is one of the problems of knowledge-based companies in order to receive various types of loans from financial institutes, and these companies face numerous problems because they are not familiar with the standard financial mechanisms, especially in the compilation and completion of financial reports and the presentation of declaration and financial documents.